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Shhhh Life Music Icon Spotlight: Barry White

Music Contribution Singer, Songwriter, Producer

Genre: R&B

Styles: Disco, Quiet Storm, Smooth Soul, Soul

Album Awards: 2 Grammy Awards, 106 Gold, 41 Platinum.

Single Awards: 20 Gold, 10 Platinum

Active: 1960-2000

Barry Eugene Carter or “ Barry White” will always be the man most remembered for his deep Baritone voice and sexy sultry lyrics that put many people in the mood for love. Born a native of Galveston, Texas on September 12, 1944, his parents moved to Los Angeles where he was raised and his musical talents would come to life. As a child, Barry was an autodidactic pianist with vocal abilities inspired by gospel music. His teenage years were formidable, plagued with violence that would ultimately lead him into jail. There he would recognize his musical gifts, and develop his unique iconic sounding voice into one of the most recognizable voices in the music industry.

Released from jail in the early 1960’s he became involved in the music industry as a member of a singing group called the Upfronts that releases a single called “ Too Far To Turn Around” .By 18 years old, White discovered he would have greater success in mentoring and producing other artist. Bob Keane offered Barry the role of A&R for various independent record labels such as Delfi, Mustang and Bronco record-which was a family of labels under Keane Records. His first achievement as an A&R was bringing to the stage a group called the Versatiles, who would later become known as the 5th Dimension.

In 1969, Barry White formed the girl trio Love Unlimited which included his sister Linda and future wife Glodean James. He then founded the Love Unlimited Orchestra, a 40-piece band to accompany himself and the Love Unlimited singers. His ear for musical arrangement was like none other. Using violins and other string instruments along with heart pounding bass lines in his music, Barry set the tone for romance and love. Pairing romantic music with lyrics that could woo the hearts of women everywhere, while encouraging men to say what was in their hearts. Working under his own label “Unlimited Gold” resulted in his most successful selling album to date

“The Icon is Love” album which included the hit “Practice what you preach “ Barry White has worked with legendary musicians such as Quincy Jones, Issac Hayes, Regina Belle ,James Ingram, Daddy Kane, and Lisa Stansfield. Other accolades go to Barry White as a two time Grammy Award winner for his album “ The Icon is Love”, earning White Gold and Platinum Discs for world- wide sales over 100 million. Barry White continued his musical endeavors by scoring a film soundtrack for a 20th Century Fox movie titled The Together Brothers, and has made numerous television appearances on programs such as Soul Train.

Barry White has left a large legacy of music that has stayed constant in its theme of “Love” quoting him as often saying “I am passionate, I am romantic, and thrilled throughout my soul to be creating music”.Barry White is an icon example of when a person is literally born to create music and whose very soul is made up of music waves and vibrations. His kind of love message has been missed. Barry White’s Notable Hits: “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Babe”, “First, Last, My Everything”,” Practice What You Preach,” “I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little More Babe” &” Ecstacy When You Lay Down Next to Me”

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