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Shhhh Life

Shhhh Life is the non-profit division at Shhhh World with a keen focus on community outreach, education, art, culture and enterprise. Through our online interactive media platform, events, programs and clubs we are able to provide necessary information, assistance and support to members in the community and across our large network of partners and affiliates. Shhhh Life believes in the power of partnerships and connecting like-minded leaders to create a large network of creative influencers. The support from the community along with the resources from our partners and donors allows us to deliver outstanding content, art and services.   

Shhhh Life Projects

Shhhh Life projects are researched based content developed by our in house creative team. These projects seek to educate the community on philosophical topics that shape our perspective of the world. Documentaries, articles and interviews aim to motivate discussions on some of today's challenges like racism, classism, poverty and equality. Projects are funded with the support of the community, foundations and private donors.

 Learn more about our upcoming projects below! 


Shhhh Life
Think Piece

"The Origin of Race" is a 90 minute documentary investigating the source of racism through study and conversations with scholars in social sciences, philosophy and history. In this project we highlight the philosophers of the enlightenment period and their role in modern American politics and slavery. In the end, we will discover that beloved philosophers such as  John Locke and Immanuel Kant are sources of race theory, ideology and institutional practice. 

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Shhhh Life Presents
"Hanging With Da Homeless Hero".

 Shhhh World Inc's CEO Sheana Stokes, investigates the notion of the starving artist in New York City.  In an interview with our partner Shams "Da Homeless Hero" Dabaron, the documentary illustrates disparities between artists in NYC, affordable housing and the untold told story of Da Homeless Hero's rich history in Hip Hop.  

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Larry Davis: Criminal or Symbol of Black Resistance?

              Community Programs

Shhhh Ed. is a program at Shhhh Life that is dedicated to empowering and educating youth and adults. The programs in Shhhh Ed serves as training and information resources for adults who are looking to return to school to obtain a High School Equivalency, Associates and Bachelors Degrees and Certifications. At Shhhh Ed we will help you find programs that offer HSE testing, connect you with advisors at colleges, assist you will financial aid options, personal statements applications and more. Young adults can learn how to prepare for college and take advantage of our career readiness program for aspiring media and marketing professionals. 

For more information on how to become one of our program partners.

Teacher Assisting a Student



The Shhhh Life readiness program provides internship opportunities to students looking to gain more hands on experience in media production, events and marketing. 

Business Meeting

New Entrepreneur Training

The NET program is designed for new business owners who are looking for key resources and support in business development and planning. 


Back To School for Adults

The adult learning program is for adults who are thinking of attending college and need help choosing a school, financial aid or obtain a GED. 

Shhhh Life Clubs 

Clubs at Shhhh Life 

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Shhhh World Diaspora


Shhhh Entrepreneurs Connects


Shhhh Society Changers

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