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                 Did You Know That There Are Billions of                                 Dollars in Unclaimed Funds in the U. S. ? 

             We Can Help You Get Money Owed to You! 


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Have you received a letter, email or text regarding a possible claim?


    Our assets recovery department at Shhhh World helps hundreds of clients across the country retrive money owed to them by the government. Tax and mortgage surplus funds from foreclosed homes may be available to you now!


Our seasoned professionals are committed to researching government agencies and databases to locate your funds. If the funds are available, we assist you with processing your claim. Our team of asset managers and attorneys do all the work while you wait for your check!  

You may have an active claim ready to be paid out! 




What is Assest Recovery?

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Asset recovery is the process of obtaining your unclaimed funds from the government. Each year, agencies hold a surplus of funds as a result of foreclosed properties. They often can not contact the previous owner to inform them of their claim, or worse, fail to notify them with the intention to keep the money. By State law, if you have a claim, the government must pay out. Our team works as an agent to ensure that you receive your funds! 

What's The Cost?

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There is no cost to begin your claim search. We do not charge any fees unless there is a successful claim. Companies do not and should not charge you any upfront cost. 

Is This A Scam?

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If you were contacted by a reputable agent with a reference number, you may have an active claim in your state. We work with various government agencies and attorneys that can be verified to ensure our legitimacy.

How Do I Get Started?

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Did you received a letter or an email from us and now you're curious? You can begin the process of your search by connecting with an agent to learn more about your specific case. Our agents will provide you  sensitive information about your claim amount and the process to be paid out. Once you become a client, you have a personalize account to submit your application, you can check the status of your claim, and send messages to your agent. Your agent will follow up with you on the process, amount and when to expect your check. It's that simple! 

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