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Flag On The Play NFL!!! Why Didn't Roethlisberger Get The Rice Treatment?

The NFL released Ray Rice, a three-time Pro Ball runner for the Baltimore Ravens due to his assault on his wife Janay Palmer, but its really because there are cameras everywhere in 2014. Rice $35 million NFL contract was terminated after an intoxicated night out in Atlantic City on Feb. 15. His fun night out turned into a heated argument when he spat and punched at his then fiancée, Palmer, and landed both of them in handcuffs. As a result, Rice and Palmer were charged with simple assault.

This story has flooded all the sources of media in such a negative light because he hit a female, but what happed to terminating Ben Roethlisberger? Ben Roethlisberger was accused of alleged sexual assault against a college student six years ago in Georgia. Although, he was not charged with the crime, he was only sentenced to a four game suspension. I believe Rice should been suspended from playing with the Baltimore Ravens and call it a day. I do not condone violence against women in any form but we all take life as it is given. Sometimes shit happens but you should lose your career on a non-related topic. The NFL only punished him because the media dramatized the video from that night and it spread over social media like a quick fire. The NFL knew about the video when they suspended him so why wait days later to terminate him? It’s documented that Rice is a creditable player and generous donor. But, if Ben Roethlisberger can still play for the NFL, so should Rice and with similar penalties. I read the statement he made d Ben Roethlisberger uring a conference call with Baltimore reporters, Roethlisberger said, “We pray for him and his wife and his family.” Yet he goes on to say everyone should focus on the game approaching.” What happened to condolences to the league or statements about the of Rice sportsmanship? Roethlisberger act as though he doesn’t know what the hot seat feels like.

The fact that Palmer and Rice got married before their schedule wedding date seems to seal the deal on their thoughts about that night. So why should the NFL and his fellow player leave him out to dry? At the end of the day they live with one another, and Rice must provide for his family. The NFL should apply their disciplinary actions according to the player performance and not on a particular crime.

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