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Are You Looking For A Cuddle Buddy For The Winter?

If so then Cuddlr app is perfect for you. Cuddlr is a location-based social-meeting app that lunched Sept. 18 just for cuddling with your selected match. The app is created for finding people who are in your area to cuddle. Cuddlr provides an easy break from awkward dates, and allows you to connect physically with individuals that meet your interest. With just a click of a few buttons you will no longer experience lonely nights. The app maybe fresh to the social media whelm but it has over 152,000 downloads. The Cuddlr app will contain a photo and name of the person in your area and simple request is required to make a connection. In order to make a connect the user must accept the request with in 60 minutes. Once the request is accepted the user can send a message of 140-characters.

Cuddlr app could be a blessing in disguise. It could be a solution to late night spooning session, head massages, and hugs. The fact that anyone could order a physical connection, instantaneously, via an app is appealing as much as it’s unsettling. It could be a prime way to attract a deranged individual. Once the connection is made, the locations of both parties are exposed in real time. It allows both individuals to have walking directions to meet each other once your location settings are active. Ironically the app promotes, PG activities but once the two parties meet, the app does is not responsible for what happens. However, there is a rating score of individuals that to alerts users on how good or bad or good the cuddle went. Moreover, this social app allows users to post a cuddle selfie.

Cuddlr app wouldn't leave you lonely for the night but what happens if the cuddle session doesn't go as either party suspect? Social sites such as Uber have been known as drivers abducting passengers, Airbnb visitors are destroying homes, and Craigslist posters are known as killers. This app could just be a way for stalkers, rapist or psychopaths to prey on lonely women. I'm taking a leap, but could this also be a quick on nightstand app if both parties agree?

The convenience of the app may attract users but reality of allowing someone into your home to JUST cuddle could be misleading. This isn't the typical dating app where profiles are set and location services are hidden. This app promotes a physical connection, weather it's lying head-to-head or having a side hug. Yet I don't believe is app will secure a persons safety or cure a persons need to feel loved once cuddlier is gone.

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