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Phallon Ellis Septemeber 2014


   Bronx, N.Y.  (September 26, 2014) – Shhhh World Inc., a corporate community based event production and digital marketing firm announces the launch of Shhhh Life, an editorial and media platform. Shhhh goes live on September 23 with compelling editorials from new and established writers on topics that are not deeply exposed on mainstream online publications.  The mission of Shhhh Life is to take an appealing approach to sharing and discussing informative news. Including a modern and unconventional point of view towards the leading trends on multimedia platforms. The blog will focus on current subcultures in business, entertainment, politics, health and wellness.


   Sheana Stokes, the current President of Shhhh World Inc., created the company in Jan. 2013 to give professionals and businesses a unique, yet creative platform to share content socially in real-time. Stokes has over ten years of experience in digital marketing communications and production. Producing numerous social media conferences in the US, Canada, and Europe with leading social media brands such as Facebook, LinkedIn, McDonald’s and Coca.


Shhhh World Launches New Online Publication

A unique corporate publication that discusses subculture in a popular way



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